The novatic® group is a leading manufacturer of paints and coating solutions for decorative protection of industrial goods, infrastructure, machinery and vehicles. From wind turbines and bridges to tunnels, ship engines, vehicles and plastic applications, our coatings protect the handmade structures against all forces of nature and other external influences.


With strong focus on innovation we develop progressive paints and coating solutions. Our work concept is simple: We are curious, creative and self-critical and always want to create “added value” for our customers.


Sustainability applies to all business areas and products. Because of this, we were one of the first manufacturers who implemented the “Water Foot Print“ evaluations system for all products.


We also believe that the coating industry can and should contribute to a better environment. Therefore we invest in progressive Ultra High Solid’s, Hydro and completely emission-free paint and coating solutions to help customers to reduce material consumption and emissions and to reach their environmental objectives.