Focus on future growth by putting our customer in the center!

Our “strategy 2025” has got 3 overall goals. Together they will ensure that we will continue to grow faster than the market growth, by being customer-oriented and increasing profitability by improving the operating processes.

Increase customer orientation

As a trustworthy supplier and partner we put our customer in the centre of everything we do. We will increase our customer orientation to ensure that we will be in a better position to meet the expectations of our customers around the world. Both – today and in the future.




Sustainable organic growth will be aligned especially in our established business segments within the market. These segments show a very good growth potential and are the business segments, in which we are strongest regarding internal special skills, geographic scope, customer relations and technology. We will consider acquisition if we believe that they will strengthen and complement our business model.

Streamlining the process chains

The term “process chain“ covers a wide range of activities. All our efforts will concentrate on the growth of productivity and – at the same time – improving the efficiency in the operating processes. These joint efforts will push the growth of the company groups, increase our profitability and ensure that we will reach a bigger amortization of our investments.