Why novatic® ?

As a worldwide operating supplier of coating systems, our products protect industrial goods, significant infrastructures, houses and machines against the strong impacts of nature – to make our world more robust, more beautiful and more environmentally friendly.

We consider ourselves as keeper of your most valuable assets. Whether you need a protective coating against corrosion for a power plant, a coating that eliminates electrostatic charges for a machine or a vibrant and easy to clean color in your kitchen; we accompany you during each step of the coating process which you can rely on.

It is our commitment to bring you trustworthy solutions. This is the reason of our existence and why we are partner of choice in over 53 countries.

Increasing the long lifecycle with reduced total operating costs
Reduction of maintenance costs
Improvement of your environmental objectives (VOC)
Intelligent application and maintenance efficiency
Targeted training of your employees to improve the application quality

One coating for every requirement

With 30 years of experience in the liquid coating business we offer a full color range and a wide product range, from special Coatings to environmentally friendly building coatings.

Whatever your project is, our R&D teams and consultants work together with you, to create the perfect solution for your needs. Our technical service teams support you during the entire evaluation process, to make sure, that your coatings will be applied accurately and efficiently.

Quality and delivery

With our Know-how and efficient logistic partners worldwide, we can meet the high global delivery requirements.

The QM department monitors the quality and adjusts the products according to the local requirements.

This is how we guarantee the fulfilment of legally prescribed conditions and standards. That is why every novatic® – solution is a solution you can trust on.