Dresdner Lackfabrik novatic GmbH & Co. KG

Clemens-Müller-Str. 5
01099 Dresden


Phone: +49 (0) 351 8 29 91 0
Fax: +49 (0) 351 8 04 14 43
E-Mail: info@novatic.com

VAT ID: DE 140205678
Commercial register number: HRA 6296

Board of Directors: Alexander Zill, Jochen Zill

PhG Zill Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH Dresden HRB 24568

Responsible according to §55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Management: Alexander Zill, Jochen Zill

E-Mail: info@novatic.com

Phone: 0351/829910

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Dresdner Lackfabrik novatic GmbH & Co. KG


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Max Bögl Wind AG Wasserbatterie AQUATIC AD90 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/protective/wind-power/
Cultura RM / Alamy Stock Foto Strommasten SOLVATIC PD77/78 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/protective/power-transmission/
Max Bögl Wind AG Betonturm DRESCO GK01 – featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/protective/special-systems/
Max Bögl Wind AG Betonturm DRESCO GK60 – featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/protective/special-systems/
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VTG Getreidetransporter SOLVATIC ZE90 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/rail/rail-exterior-cargo/
VTG Mineralölwagen im Ganzzugverkehr SOLVATIC ZG64/A5 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/rail/rail-exterior-cargo/
dpa ICE Header RAIL Wheels https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/rail/rail-wheels/
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sveta 179917813 – warehouse interior BF55 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/decorative/
novatic / RŽD Rail Spezielle Systeme PE33 PE33 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/rail/rail-special-systems/
novatic / RŽD Rail Spezielle Systeme KD30 KD30 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/rail/rail-special-systems/
CONTAINEX GmbH Container PD88 PD88 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/industrial/container/
Volkswagen AG Sprinter Ladefläche AE82 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/automotive/oem-interior/
Volkswagen AG Sprinter Fahrerkabine OEM Interior Header https://www.novatic.com/en/product/automotive/oem-interior/
Daimler AG Actros Silber ZD09 featured product https://www.novatic.com/en/product/automotive/oem-exterior/
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