The global automotive industry is challenged, more then ever before, to produce best-in-class vehicles with low costs and high performance. The choice of the right paint supplier is crucial for the compensation of the requirements during the design of a vehicle. Constantly the quality standard has to be reaches or even surpassed, whereby the process costs have to be reduced.

novatic® offers a portfolio of very innovative technologies for practically every coating on a vehicle, from primer, topcoat, base-coat, clear-coat, PVC sealant and PVC under body protection to special products. novatic® supplies the latest coating technologies for coating light materials such as carbon fiber, aluminium, magnesium and mixed metal vehicles.

As a full-service supplier for the automotive industry novatic® offers seamless support throughout the complete development and production of the vehicle. From paint design, application know how to service delivery in the paint shop (through our novax portfolio).

We offer products and solutions so that automobile manufacturers can surpass the expectations of their customers, comply with requirements, reduce the overall costs and increase the efficiency.

AUTOMOTIVE featured products

Proven over decades!

• 20 % lower VOC compared to industry standards
• Top coverage – single layer application
• Available in more than 10.000 Uni- and Metallic colour shades
• Excellent bonding properties
• OEM proven UV stability



Top Coat for Professional’s

• Low VOC content
• Applicable with almost all application methods
• Fulfils OEM Standards for perfect finishes
• One Coat technology
• Available in more than 5.000 colour shades


Makes interiors look beautiful!

• Applicable by industrial roller lines and spray finishes
• Top adhesion on wood, ABS, GFK
• Extreme scratch resistant
• OEM proven technology
• Available as UNI and Effect/Metallic Monocoat