DECORATIVE portfolio

For renovations in the outdoor- and indoor area novatic® offers high-quality building paints and renovation products. Besides customary paints we have also successfully been producing primers, wood varnishes and dispersion paints for many years.

In the area of swimming pool colors, we have been market leader in Germany for many years.

We are able to supply over 1.400 different colors based on 80 different products- In addition to that we also produce environmentally friendly, water soluble paints and dispersion colors. All products are subject to the quality norm DIN EN ISO 9001. In the course of the permanent development work in our laboratory we continuously develop and test new raw materials and procedures, to be able to response to the wishes of our customers.

DECORATIVE featured products

The sustainable floor coating!

• Waterborne Epoxy technology
• Low emission & water foot print
• Correspond DECOPAINT regulation
• One Coat technology
• Visible end of pot life
• Resistant to oils and petrol

EFC 604 – BF55

Hot properties!

• Silicon based protection technology
• Resistant up to +550 °C
• Easy applicable
• Proven technology for 25 years across the globe
• Available in different colors


Antistatic property made easy!

• Correspond to ATEX norm
• Low emissions due to waterborne technology
• Extremely resistant to oils and petrol
• Extremely resistant to mechanical loads
• Fast drying and currying properties


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