ACE Segment coating systems

Construction- and Agricultural machinery (ACE)

(ACE = Agriculture Construction Earthmoving Equipment)

Construction- and Agricultural machinery as well as commercial vehicles are exposed to extreme loads. The requirements, which are demanded of a paintwork, require coating systems with high mechanical and chemical resistant as well as perfect processing properties.


ACE Coating systems from novatic offer you following advantages:

  • Excellent colour and gloss stability
  • Fulfilment of the highest mechanical and chemical resistance requirements
  • More efficient processing
  • NMPS (novatic® modular production system)
  • Fulfillment of national and international VOC-specifications


ZE-Monocoats – process optimization thanks to 1-layer paintwork

Efficiency in conjunction with the highest quality standards is the basis, which led to the development of our ZE-monocoat system. A 1-layer coatings system has been developed, which revolutionists all the current coating processes. The monocoat concept combines primer, filler and topcoat in a one of a kind product quality.


ZE-Monocoats have been developed especially for the requirements of the ACE-area and offer you following advantages:

  • High efficiency through reduction of the process costs
  • Rationalisation of the coating process
  • Significant reduction of material and waste disposal costs
  • Drastic reduction of the solvent emissions through a high solid content (VOC-compliant)
  • Availability of various model types with equal functional principle


Thanks to many years of experience with these systems and a constant development, the quality of this ZE-Monocoat is comparable with a high-grade 2-layer structure. (2K EP+2K PU).

If you have any further interest in the developments of the ACE area, please feel free to contact us.

ACE Segment featured products

Top Monocoat Solution!

• Ultra High Solid, low VOC
• Leading Polyaspartic technology
• Excellent multisubstrate adhesion
• Easy applicable up to 300 µm NDFT
• Astonishing UV resistance

The effect solution!

• Excellent effect properties
• Available in Uni- and Metallic
• Adjustable on automatic lines
• Excellent scratch resistance
• Multisubstrate adhesion