CONTAINER coating systems

Whether you are looking for a new application solution or a maintenance solution for your container, novatic® has got the products, the know-how and the experience in this segment.


As one of the leading suppliers of coating systems for container, our coatings can be found world wide on container in many varieties, they protected against tough conditions and helped reducing the maintenance costs due to longer service intervals.


Besides coatings and product systems for new container we also have a variety of system solutions for repair and maintenance. Furthermore, we can help you to optimise your painting lines and reduce potential maintenance costs involved.


Professional/technical advice and progressive products, such as the ZE-monocoat system “ZE27” for example, are innovative and sophisticated products and a proof of our long-time activity and experience in this segment. New legal requirements and the constant drive to create an added value for our customers, push us forward to develop new solutions and bring them to market introduction.

Container featured products

Proven over decades!

• 20 % lower VOC compared to industry standards
• Top coverage – single layer application
• Available in more than 2.000 Uni-colour shades
• Excellent bonding properties
• Good UV stability



The industry standard since decades!

• Adjustable for automatic lines
• Applicable with almost all application methods
• Fulfils OEM Standards for perfect finishes
• One Coat technology
• Available in more than 2.000 colour shades