Rail Special Systems


Especially in the area of transport and industrial goods in the public sector, the exposure because of graffiti has increased. Alone in Germany cleaning expenses running into millions have to be spent for the removal of this graffiti. novatic® offers in this context a proposed solution:

The especially for the requirements of anti-graffiti developed system offers following advantages:

  • Topcoat systems with anti-graffiti properties (CARGO)

Pigmented top coatings with dirt-repellent properties for the decorative design of rail vehicles in the field of CARGO.

  • Ant graffiti-Clearcoat-Systems (PASSENGER)

Clear paint with anti-graffiti properties to protect the Base-coats for high requirements with regard to the clean ability.

  • Available as solvent-based and as water-soluble variation.

If you are interested in our developments in the area of anti-graffiti, please feel free to contact us.

Rail Special featured products

Proven by Russian Railways!

• High Solid, low VOC
• Leading Acryl/PVC technology
• Excellent multisubstrate adhesion
• Excellent elasticity
• Certified according to RZD VNIIZHT



Speedy Alkyd Topcoat!

• 1 h full dry at 20°C
• Extreme fast reaction properties
• For OEM and Repair
• Excellent scratch resistance
• Available over NMPS System