Rail Wheels coating systems

The undercarriages of rail vehicles belong, together with the passenger compartments, to the particularly security-related components, who have to meet special requirements to mechanical and chemical resistance of the coating.

The requirements of the certifying bodies, the processor and the customers have been fulfilled for over 15 years. Resulting from this experience are high quality and sophisticated lack systems who have been providing their reliable service for many years.

novatic® offers you following advantages:

  • Systems for every kind of application (such as bogies, wheel sets)
  • Low solvent, highly flexible EP-systems with extreme short drying times
  • Mono-coat’s (1-layer solutions)
  • Fulfilment of common specifications such as DB TL 918 300
  • Fulfillment of fire protection standards in acc. with EN 45545-2

Rail Wheels featured products

Hot and colourful!

• Waterborne
• Thermos sensible for Rail wheels
• Correspond to UIC Norm
• Excellent adhesion
• Fast drying properties even on higher NDFT