novatic® is specialized in the development and manufacture of pigment pastes for industrial application in several markets. Our customers rely on the accuracy and consistency of our dyes, who are brought to market by leading brands.

  • solvamix-i
  • solvamix-oem
  • novamix
  • aquamix-i

Over 20 years of experience in the supply of colouring- and tinting systems to the industrial coating industry identify novatic®.

Manufacturer of paints and systems need color solutions, that are applicable, powerful, reliable and versatile for their industrial applications. novatic® pigment pastes are designed in a way that they can even reach the most demanding requirements. They constantly reach the optimum balance between compatibility, colorist and properties such as toughness and durability.

All products pass a multiple level quality assurance process which guarantees the high and sustainable quality of our colour pastes.

INTEGRATED TINTING featured products

The professional POS solution!

• High productivity due to latest gear pump technology
• High reproduction rate
• Excellent precision due to controlling system
• Capacity up to 600 LTR per working shift

novatic® D600 Extra

The Industry standard!

• Best in class pigment pastes
• Proven UV stability
• Proven storage stability up to 3 years
• Certified for gravimetric and volumetric dispensing
• Uni- and Metallic pastes available



Upgrade your facility to business class!

• The small factory in-house
• Fully automated for production and monitoring system
• Available with up to 32 canisters for full range coverage
• Extreme durable and flexible
• Capacity up to 1000 LTR per working shift

novatic® D800 Extra