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novatic® solvamix-oem system

The system solution for perfect surfaces!


Solvamix-oem is based on a new pigment technology. The innovative “Modular Tinting System” is the result of a consistently continued development of the 2K-technology.

With solvamix-oem you will be able to compete easily with future market requirements. Whether high quality, easy handling, environmentally friendliness, resistancy or efficiency are paramounted for you or your costumer: solvamix-oem provides the right solution for all your requirements.

Even though solvamix-oem provides a maximum of flexibility, the numbers of components is small. Just 16 mixing pastes are needed to cover the whole range of uni-colors for high quality commercial vehicle coating.



System data solvamix-oem

Types of dispensing systems used for solvamix-i:

NOVATIC D600 / D700 / D800 and TDF for InPlant. Full-automatic, incl.  an internal software and installation

Numbers of pastes:

16 high quality, high concentrated pigment pastes + 1 matting paste

Basecoat and Topcoat types:

  • KM10 solvatic Basecoat, 1K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Basecoat, available in metallic- and uni-colour shades
  • ZD55 solvatic Topcoat, 2K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Topcoat, automotive quality, VOC 500g/l (MEDIUM SOLID)
  • ZD45 solvatic Topcoat, 2K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Topcoat, automotive quality, VOC 420 g/l (HIGH SOLID)
  • ZD23 solvatic Topcoat, 2K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Topcoat, industrial quality. VOC 400g/l (HIGH SOLID)
  • ZG20 solvatic Filler, 2K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Filler, high gloss, automotive quality, VOC 500 g/l (HIGH SOLID)
  • ZG23 solvatic Priming filler, 2K, high quality Acryl-Polyurethane-Priming filler for surfaces with high demands, VOC 450 g/l (HIGH SOLID)

Color Portfolio:

  • RAL register, Fleet, automotive-, commercial vehicle-, agricultural machinery-, house color shades etc.
  • Special color shade production within 24 h

Color matching by novatic® color map

Specially within the OEM coating, exact nuances are important.

novatic® offers you proven tools to achieve this. The novatic® color map is an ideal tool for all professional commercial- vehicle manufacturers, body builders, coachwork manufacturers as well as coach manufacturers and is also used by numerous designers and architects.

The novatic® color map includes more than 8.500 color shades, which covers the entire range of uni- and metallic colors. In combination with the color map index, the color map can be used.

The index is deposited within the solvamix-oem software. Therefore, it is an optimal basis for rapid, exact and rational work.