PROTECTIVE coating systems

From wind turbines and oil rigs to several of the worldwide most famous bridges and buildings, novatic® coatings are trusted worldwide to protect valuable equipment and structures from corrosion. Besides a complete assortment of high-performance-coatings we also offer our customers competent technical service and support to ensure, that every coating corresponds to their specific needs.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our comprehensive portfolio of high-performance-coatings is also realized under the toughest conditions.

All our products are designed for easy application, low maintenance and long lifetime. Learn more about our product ranges and the lines of business which we serve in the below mentioned fields.

The improvement of the quality and environmental compatibility of our products is guaranteed by the continuous new and ongoing development. Thereby the focus is on solvent coating systems under the description solvatic and foremost the water-dilutable coatings under the description aquatic.

PROTECTIVE featured products

The sustainable way of protection!

• Solvent- and Emission free
• 0 % VOC
• Applicable in coats up to NDFT 800 µm in single layer
• ISO Food grade certified
• No Zinc content – extreme durable corrosion protection



The sustainable way of protection!

• Waterborne
• Low VOC content
• Superior corrosion protection due to greater 85 % Zinc content
• The industry bench mark for waterborne zinc rich primers
• Easy applicable from 5 µm up to 100 µm NDFT



The benchmark in the industry!

• Latest Polyaspartic Technology
• Ultra High Solid (90 % Solids)
• VOC compliant
• Excellent UV and Weather resistant
• Extreme Fast Drying