Infrastructure coating systems

As a leading paint supplier for infrastructure projects, our progressive protection and decoration coatings can be found on millions of surfaces around the world.

From many bridges over the globe till railway stations, airports, sports stadiums and freight terminals, our products protect workplaces and significant infrastructure against the forces of nature in order to make our world – in a sustainable way – more efficient and more beautiful.

Our promise of trustworthy solutions with over 25 years of experience in R&D and also production of paints and coatings, we understand the unique requirements of the industry. Whether you need a transport coating, which can be applied easily, for a bridge or you need a high-performance hybrid coating for a tunnel, we consult and support you and offer you products on which you can rely on.


Customized solutions for the industry

We offer a full range of high-end-coatings, from advanced and reliable systems to avoid corrosion under most diverse environments till complex hybrid systems (concrete, steel).

All our paints are made to comply with the global industry standards and regulations and can be adjusted to your specific requirements. We can supply coatings in a very wide spectrum of colours and surfaces and our coatings can be produced for new constructions or they can be specified as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

Infrastructure featured products

The efficient Monocoat solution!

• Latest PUR Technology
• High Solid
• VOC compliant
• Certified up to C3 H
• Extreme Fast Drying


The efficient Primer solution!

• Latest EP Technology
• High Solid
• VOC compliant
• Fast drying even on low temperatures
• Multisubstrate adhesion