Special Systems by novatic®

Complex applications – simple answers

Complex applications require highly specialised coatings. Additional to our industry-specific products novatic® offers solutions who are especially adapted to demanding performance requirements.

Inherent to this are special coatings for transformers, as well as highly heat-resistant coatings. Additional to our extensive offer in corrosion protection, these coatings have not only proven to protect and extend the product life cycle of valuable ship engines, transformers, but also to obtain considerable ecological and economical advantages.

For industries who are affected by high temperatures, our heat resistant coatings avoid corrosion under isolation can applied easily directly on hot steel.

Further special solutions are our market-leading emission-free EP/PASP corrosion-protection-coatings who guarantee the stability of steel structures.

Special Systems featured products

Patented Sandwich System!

• Solvent and Emission free Epoxy
• Easy applicable due to latest rheology technology
• Applicable by roller and airless
• Visible pot life end
• In combination with GV03 crosslinking


The Top Coat on concrete!

• Solvent and Emission free Polyurethane
• Patented system GK01,GV03,GK60
• Crosslinking function on concrete
• Extreme durable properties up to 25 years
• Applicator friendly