novatic® Wind Power coating systems

Every year a variety of wind energy plants is build from concrete, steel and composite. With a product-life-span of over 30 years high demands are made to the protection against corrosion, weathering and debris.

In this business area a high-grade protective- and decor coating is an essential requirement to ensure a high availability and therefore high efficiency and also an optical appealing appearance of the constructions.

novatic® has already involved itself early and intense in the development process of coating systems for wind power plants. The result is a product range of water soluble, solvent reduced, solvent-free and solvent-based coating systems under the names aquatic and solvatic, which are designed for all scopes of application.

The improvement of the quality and environmental compatibility of our products is guaranteed by the continuous new- and further development.

Wind Power featured products

The Epoxy 3K System!

• Waterborne
• Low VOC content
• Superior concrete adhesion
• Visible pot life end
• Usable as 3K Putty with cement


Elastic and durable!

• Waterborne
• Low VOC content
• Crosslinking concrete up to 0,5 mm
• Usable as Monocoat or Topcoat
• Applicable by Airless and Roller